What mlb team does north carolina support?

By analyzing the behavior of MLB buyers on SeatGeek, we were able to map the “MLB fandom” across the country. See below for an interactive map of the most popular equipment in the entire U.S. UU. County, and a breakdown of the most interesting stories that come to light.

The Atlanta Braves are the team with the most tickets bought in 515 counties, making them the clear winner of MLB by a wide margin. The Braves dominate the southeastern United States and control most or all of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, along with significant parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida. In total, the Braves are represented in nine states, more than any other team. It should be noted that of those nine states, only two from Georgia (the Braves) and Florida (the Rays and the Marlins) have MLB teams.

The Braves' popularity in the Southeast spans a total of 515 counties. Behind the Braves in the standings are the Texas Rangers, the best team in 287 counties. The Rangers are the number one team in their home state of Texas, as well as in almost every county in Oklahoma, and they also face their state rivals, the Houston Astros in Louisiana, where the Rangers have another 30 counties. The Louis Cardinals are in third place, the favorite team of ticket buyers in 286 counties.

The Braves are winning again, and the above-mentioned popularity across the Southeast means that 360 of the team's 515 total counties are in states outside of Georgia, a higher number than any other team. The Royals are the best team in six times as many out-of-state counties as in-state counties. The third team on this list is another Missouri-based team, the St. The Cardinals, the best team in their home state, also control large swaths of Illinois and Arkansas, along with parts of five additional states.

The favorite team in 168 counties, the Mariners rank ninth in the ranking of teams by number of counties. However, these 168 counties cover more than 800,000 square miles, nearly a quarter of the country, making the Mariners the country's leading team by land area. The Mariners' fans in the Pacific Northwest, along with Alaska, encompass more territory than any other team. This is largely due to the Mariners' total control over Alaska, the largest state in the country and closer to Seattle than any other baseball city.

Within the continental United States, the Mariners are the best team in much of the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. Behind the Mariners are the Rockies, with a fandom that spans nearly 400,000 square miles in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana. The Rangers, with extensive coverage of the country's second-largest state, Texas, rank third with approximately 340,000 square miles. California, home to more MLB teams than any other state (five), can be a battlefield for baseball fans.

However, it's actually a four-team race in the West, as the Anaheim Angels, along with the Chicago White Sox, are one of two teams that didn't rank as the most popular in a single county. The San Francisco Giants are currently the most popular team in California, with 45 of the state's 58 counties in total. The fans in California, home to five MLB teams, are mainly divided between the Giants and the Dodgers. San Francisco's rivals in the south, the Los Angeles Dodgers, rank second in the state with 11 counties in most of Southern California.

The Oakland Athletics and the San Diego Padres each control one county, each in their home territory (Alameda County for the A's, San Diego County for the Padres). Although it is home to only two teams, no state is the scene of fiercer competition than Pennsylvania, which has its loyalty divided into seven different teams. The Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates control 26 counties in Pennsylvania each, with strengths on their respective sides of the state (Phillies to the east, Pirates to the west). The Orioles, Indians, Yankees, Blue Jays and Nationals divided up the rest of the state.

Baseball loyalty is divided into seven teams in Pennsylvania, most state fans can be capricious, and when it comes to America's pastime, loyalty doesn't always follow state lines. Explore the interactive map above to find out which teams MLB fans support in your state and county. And to plan your schedule for the season, find MLB tickets here. The sample video title will appear here for this video CHARLOTTE, N, C.

Uptown Charlotte was alive with the rustling of bats on Tuesday night, when the Charlotte Knights opened the first series of the season at home. Between the minor league team, the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets and the newly created Charlotte FC, Queen City has no shortage of professional sports to enjoy. But Rick Curti still feels that a great player is missing. Curti has adopted the philosophy that if you build it, they will come and create simulated jerseys, hats and logos for what he sees as Charlotte's contender for the major league baseball club in Charlotte, the Charlotte Bats.

He has been striving to realize his baseball dream for the past seven years. Now, Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. However, the city is in a unique position, as it is the only city in the United States. City with NBA, NFL and MLS teams, but no MLB team.

Curti believes that the new soccer team sends a signal that the area could be ready to change that. Queen City seems to be on MLB's radar, and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has signaled in recent years that it could be suitable as a sprawling city. Talks about the new stadium for the two teams have been ongoing for years and are still ongoing. Meanwhile, there's no indication that Charlotte-area leaders are making plans to host an MLB team any time soon.

Even so, Curti can't help but think that Charlotte's chance in the majors is coming. Locked On is the leading podcast network for local sports and is owned by WCNC Charlotte's parent company, TEGNA. Notifications can be deactivated at any time in the browser settings. I live in North Carolina and have friends who are fans of the Yankees, Diamondbacks, Braves, Red Sox, Indians, Mets and Rays.


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