What city in north carolina has the best nightlife?

While several of the cities ranked in the top half of the list, Raleigh ranked first as the most fun city in North Carolina. Located on a high floor of The Ritz-Carlton, in Uptown Charlotte, The Punch Room is a modern speakeasy with a reputation for being one of the most exclusive bars in the city. Standing is not recommended and getting a reservation is a prize. The views from this 15th floor gazebo are beautiful, and the artisanal cocktails here are stunning.

There's also, of course, a long list of specialty punches on the cocktail list. Valet parking is available and the light rail station is just a block away. This is a classic Charlotte drinking spot that has a loyal and often predisposed clientele, but always welcomes newcomers. The Selwyn pub is located in an old house in the exclusive residential neighborhood of Myers Park and has been operating strongly for more than three decades.

Among the most popular cocktails is the “Transfusion”, a mix of vodka, ginger ale and grape juice. There are a few parking spots in the area, but you can get there quickly. With three locations in Plaza Midwood, West Morehead and South Park, Legion Brewing's bars and faucet rooms are the pillars of Charlotte drinkers. Legion brews its own craft beers (which are often served at other restaurants) and has outdoor seating in some locations and an indoor event space.

It's a tried and tested nightlife spot in Charlotte that's sure to be packed every night of the week. If you like beer a lot, they also offer guided tours of the brewery, so be sure to arrive early to visit. This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Asheville, the most popular “cool city” in North Carolina. Incredible dining scenes, unique art spaces, and pride in local businesses make these North Carolina cities totally great.

This mountainous town in North Carolina, which is located on the border with Tennessee, is the smallest town on this list, but that doesn't mean it's not less cool. Home to the Carolina Panthers soccer team and the Charlotte Hornets basketball team, Charlotte is a reference city for sports fans. Nightlife in Charlotte continues to increase year after year, with new bars in Charlotte adding to the list of exciting North Carolina nightclubs worth exploring. This cool North Carolina city is home to one of the oldest public universities in the country, the University of North Carolina.

North Carolina law doesn't allow happy hours with alcoholic beverages, but there are often special offers throughout the day, such as those at this treehouse-style bar in Midwood Plaza.

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