What city is 2 hours from charleston sc?

It takes about two hours to travel directly from Charleston to Savannah. But getting there is half the fun of a road trip. Kiawah Island, the birthplace of golf in South Carolina, is a must see for any avid enthusiast or for those who want the chance to relax while the other half scours the course. A typical Old South city is in Beaufort, located an hour and a half from Charleston.

Savannah is Charleston's sister city, just across the state line in Georgia. There are a lot of similarities between the two cities, but Savannah is definitely worth traveling because of its prime location along the Savannah River, or simply for the chance to change the scenery. Founded by the wealthy Huntington family in 1932, there are countless sculptures all over the garden and also the option of taking a boat ride around the plantation. Another barrier island worth visiting is Edisto Island, which was once home to plantations and slave owners, who disappeared long ago.

Edisto Island is a great place to spend a day of relaxation without guilt, with the atmosphere of yesteryear and the three-mile beach that stretches over the horizon.

Howard Longley
Howard Longley

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